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With DUKAAN you can Easily launch an attractive online store, with a global commerce platform designed for optimal performance, to effortlessly attract and convert more customers.

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All the tools you need to grow your online business.

Dukaan Annual Subscription Details

Plan: Dukaan Annual Subscription
Duration: 1 Year
Price: Rs. 6000/- {30% off}
Renewal: An email will be sent with a renewal link one month prior to the subscription end date. If the subscription is not renewed, the store will be deleted.


1.Get access to all Dukaan features, including product listing, payment gateway integration, order management, and more, for a full year
2. No transaction fees or hidden charges
3. Unlimited product listings
4. No technical knowledge required, build and launch your store easily
5. Customer support available via email 

Renewal Process:

One month prior to the end of your subscription, you will receive an email with a renewal link.
Click on the link and follow the instructions to renew your subscription.

If you choose not to renew, your store will be deleted.
Note: All sales are final, and refunds will not be provided for the Dukaan Annual Subscription.

Rs 6000

Rs 10000

Kickstart your Online E-Commerce store with these features 

User-friendly design

Fast loading speed

Mobile optimization

Secure payment gateway

Android app

Advanced Analytics


Start selling online.

Start Selling online in just 30 seconds 


Unlimited Products
1.49% Transaction Fee on Dukaan Pay
0% Additional Fee on other Payment Providers
Dukaan Delivery
COD RTO Optimizer
Free inbuilt themes (editable)
104+ languages supported
Blog section
Loyalty points
Business Analytics Module
Link Existing Domain
My Customer List
Graphic Designing Tools
Plugins Access
Sell Digital products
Staff Accounts
24/7 Partner Support
Store APK

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Discover How Dukaan Makes Starting Your Ecommerce Store Super Easy

With Dukaan, launching your startup e-commerce store has never been easier. This user-friendly platform provides a seamless experience, empowering entrepreneurs to effortlessly set up and manage their online businesses

Loved by users

30X orders after Shark Tank India 

Dukaan helped us navigate post shark tank and were very prompt and active.I love how easy their interface is. My experience selling through Dukaan has been seamless and great! 

Imported Reviews from Dukaan Website 

Easy, Effective and Convenient 

I tried many "so called" ecommerce platforms, but they were all so complicated. Dukaan is super easy. I can manage my store from my phone just like using WhatsApp.

Imported Reviews from Dukaan Website

Substantial rise in our business metrics!

Mindblown by our experience with Dukaan! Within 10 days of going live, we've seen a 27% increase in website traffic, 25% CAC improvement, and an instant 52% daily revenue growth.

Imported Reviews from Dukaan Website


What type of Business can use Dukaan?

Dukaan is best suited for business owners who do most or all of their business online.

In addition, if your business model relies on frequent repeat purchases from customers, Dukaan's add-on features can help customers make those purchases more easily and faster, thus boosting customer loyalty and reducing the number of abandoned carts.

What Payment Gateway are available ?

You can choose to accept payments from your customers via Dukaan Pay or integrate with Razorpay and accept online payments.

With Dukaan Pay, we offer multiple payment methods to your customers such as UPI, Credit/Debit card, or PayPal and Stripe, for users outside India.

Can I use a Custom Domain name for my Dukaan Website ?

You can choose to purchase a new custom domain name from Dukaan at an additional cost. This custom domain will be linked to your Dukaan store (HTTPS enabled) and will be live within 10 minutes across the globe.

Can I link my existing Custom Domain name for my Dukaan Website ?

Yes, you can choose to link an existing domain that you have with your Dukaan store for free. To know more about linking an existing domain, click here.

Can I customise the Design for my E-Commerce Store ?

Yes, Dukaan has a themes marketplace where you can find themes which are suitable for your business. You can customize the fonts, colours and various sections of the theme. 

Do you provide a Whatsapp Solution?

Yes, you can choose to get a Whatsapp Business Solution with the help of our plugin. This will allow you to send order updates to your customers from your WhatsApp business account.

Can I give access to my Staff in Dukaan ?

Yes, you can choose to share access with your staff with the help of staff accounts on Dukaan. Check out how to make a staff account here.

What is RTO optimiser ?

RTO stands for return to origin. The RTO optimiser is a plugin developed by Dukaan. It gives the probability of a COD order getting RTOed and recommends action based on that.

What is MultiWarehouse support ?

Multiple warehouses allow you to have more than 1 pickup location when choosing to deliver your products. To know more about multi-warehouse support, click here.

Will there be an auto-debit after the subscription ends ?

One month prior to the end of your subscription, you will receive an email with a renewal link.
Click on the link and follow the instructions to renew your subscription.
If you choose not to renew, your store will be deleted.

What is store APK and how do I get one ?

An APK is a mobile application for your store. You can download and share your store’s APK file with your customers so they can shop from your store directly.

What is store AAB file ?

To publish your store's app on the Google Play store, you will need an AAB file for your App. This can help you get more sales and allow customers to discover you on the Google play store. Here’s a Dukaan store that has also published their app on the play store!

Dukaan Annual Subscription at 30% Off

Rs 10000

Rs 6000


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