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Struggling with Slow (or NO!) Sales?
Spending on ads with zero results?

Discover The Little-Known Ecom Profit Secrets 

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eCom Catalyst Club

A MEMBERSHIP to e-Commerce Business Success for Growth-Ready Entrepreneurs Who Want to Scale Without Spending On Ads using the profit pocket system

Hey there, ambitious but stressed eCom entrepreneur!

Tell me if this sounds familiar …

You started your eCom business hoping to impact lives, attain true financial freedom, and escape the shackles of exchanging time for money.
But as months turn into years of blood, sweat, and tears with little to show for it … that entrepreneurial spark starts to fade.
You’ve taken all the right steps — running FB ads, investing in social media, and fine-tuning your products.
You invested time, money, and oh-so-much effort.

BUT … your sales tell a very different story.

You find yourself spending late nights analyzing data and stressing over campaigns
You grapple with the reality that this dream you invested in still hasn't taken off.
Your vision of spending more time with your family, securing your financial future, or creating more impact while pursuing your passion remains frustratingly out of reach.
Instead, you’re haunted by ever-growing credit card bills, angry customers, and products collecting dust on the warehouse shelf – still burning through cash but with pitiful sales.
Your friends and family question if you made the right choice.
Instead of celebrating mega-milestones, you find yourself staring at the ceiling late at night with tears in your eyes, crippled by the fear that maybe this business was a huge mistake after all.

The burden weighs heavier each day.

The ambition turns to self-doubt.

The hope begins to fade.

Sounds familiar? You’re NOT alone!

9 out of 10 startups fail!

(source: Startup Genome)

How can you avoid being a statistic?

How can you finally have the financial freedom and flexibility you want?

How can you create the business of your dreams without burning a huge hole in your finances and your mental health?

By leveraging your most powerful asset — YOU!

Your efforts can make your business a profit machine.

But only when you implement tried, tested and proven strategies in your business.

Here’s something NO ONE tells you when you’re running a business …

If you rely on Facebook ads, social media campaigns, and influencers to sell your products, you’re NOT in control of your sales and profitability.

Do you want to rely on a network you don’t own?

Do you want sales to dry up when an influencer campaign ends?

Do you want to keep paying lakhs monthly to generate a few sales?

No, right?

You want your business to make sales even when you sleep.
You want your profit margins to increase and your stress levels to decrease.
You want sales to come in without spending thousands on ads or social media.

How can you make this happen?.

eCom  Catalyst Club

Profit pocket SYstem

Inside this rapid-results intensive monthly subscription, you’ll discover the secrets to getting more sales without sweating it over ads or social media..

What do you get in eCom Catalyst Club?

Weekly LIVE Catalyst Calls.

Weekly LIVE Catalyst Calls: Go beyond theory with Dr. Hemapriya's action-packed LIVE sessions. These calls are packed with actionable strategies tailored to skyrocket your ecom sales with my proven PROFIT POCKET SYSTEM
Live "Implementation Labs": Live sessions with real-time implementation support, allowing members to see the steps in action and get immediate answers.
Accountability that Drives Results: Stay laser-focused with Dr. Hemapriya's guidance and a supportive community. These calls aren't just informative, they hold you accountable for taking action and achieving real results.
Exclusive Q&A with Dr. Hemapriya: Get your burning questions answered directly by Dr. Hemapriya during every live session. This is your chance to gain expert insights tailored to your specific ecom challenges.

Every Friday at 11 am IST

Replays available.

(Value : Priceless )

Evergreen Training Library

Access recordings of all past Catalyst Calls of more than 30 training videos for as long as your membership lasts. This treasure trove of business insights is always at your fingertips.

(Value Rs 10,000/$120)

Access to Awesome Entrepreneur Community

Access to the awesome Facebook group, where the community really comes into its own. Advice, support, honest opinions – they are all there. A committed and supportive group of like-minded business owners.

(Value Rs 6000/$99)


You won't find these proven rapid growth accelerators anywhere else.

They’re the result of over 207,536 hours spent rigorously testing every imaginable strategy to scale eCom businesses.

It’s time you got a piece of this unfair advantage before your competition does.

This is your chance to unlock the true potential of your eCom business once and for all.

I’m sure you’re wondering … how much will this cost? 

How expensive will it be?

Prepare to be SHOCKED!.

I can easily charge Rs 5,000/$60 for this knowledge because I know you’ll make it back with the first few sales.

Even RS 2000/ $25 will be a steal because if you were to hire a ecom expert, you’d pay anywhere between Rs 20,000 to 2 lakhs or $240 to $3000 .

But don’t worry!

You don’t pay Rs 5,000/ $60 or even Rs 2,000/$25  for this.

You don’t even pay Rs 1500/$18 for this!

For a limited time only, you can get the membership in eCom Catalyst Club for  

MONTHLY PAYMENT of Rs 399 / $6   


I joined eCom catalyst club just few months back but I don’t know this will be such a wonderful place to grow my ecom business.Even the silliest questions to serious ecom discussions happening here actually helping me to improve myself personally and my business.

And all our club members are interactive and helping each other is a blessing.I am really happy to be a part of this and even recommend my friends to join our club to improve their business just from home.🥰 

Thanks to Dr.Hema mam for your dedication towards our growth 👏


Chochi Foods

Why am I giving all this gold away for so little?

Because I’ve been where you are right now.

Today, I run THREE eCom businesses, generating over millions in revenue.

But it wasn’t like that always.


It has since grown to be a multi-crore brand, but not without its fair share of mistakes.

I was burned badly by agencies who promised the moon but gave me nightmares.

I was cheated by contractors who didn’t deliver on their promises.

I was stressed, overwhelmed, anxious all the time.

My family barely recognized me, and my social life was, well, let’s be honest… there was no social life!

You don’t have to go through the trials of fire I did.

Chances are you’re already feeling the struggle, stress, and strain.

Don’t let this struggle continue.

Don’t stay stressed and overwhelmed.

Don’t burn more money on solutions that don’t work.


Keep money in your pocket and make more sales, too!

Grab this deal for RS 399 / $6 per month before the timer runs out!




Clutter Free Store

"Ecom Catalyst Club lives up to its name, offering a meticulously crafted program tailored for entrepreneurs like myself. 

Under Dr. Hema's guidance, each month's topics are carefully selected for their relevance and ease of implementation. The invaluable Q&A sessions at month's end have contributed significantly to my personal growth. I am deeply thankful to Dr. Hema for her coaching and support, and to every member of our close-knit community for their unwavering encouragement. Together, we are more than a club; we are a supportive family. It's an experience that truly must be lived to be believed!"


Hello Little Lingos

"I have joined the "ecom catalyst Club" with Dr Hema after a long reflection about where to get a good support to lauch an e-commerce business. Until now, no regrets. With a very detailed program and well adapted for beginners and even those who are already advanced. The live sessions every week allow to ask any questions and always to learn something new. Not to mention the dynamic and very interactive members who exchange ideas and help each other. Starting with very little knowledge in the world of e-commerce, today I can say that I am sufficiently equipped to continue this adventure. I have already been able to create my website and work on my products. The best part is that you can join the group wherever you are. As is my case and even if your knowledge in English is not on the top. Dr Hema and the other entrepreneurs are there to encourage with great attention. However, it is also necessary to be determined. . I highly recommend to those who are interested to join the group. Thanks again Dr Hema helping me grow and sharing valuable contents.."

Kaviya Yamuna


"Dr. Hemapriya has always been a great mentor👩🏻‍🏫 and she meant literally when she said that she is going to "hand-hold" 🤝 us throughout this entrepreneur journey. "Ecom Catalyst Club" call, which happens weekly once, is a boon🌟 for all of us. 

We can directly talk with Dr. Hemapriya and discuss any doubts with her, in regard to our online Ecom business.
She has the experience of ups and downs in Ecom business and has learned how to succeed💫 through all the odds. Her down-to-earth nature makes us feel free to ask any doubts in the call and she guides perfectly than we expect.
I am very proud that I am one of the students of Dr. Hemapriya and I belong to her Ecom community. She has built a community in which we all can share our entrepreneur journey together and get inspired by others' journeys.
Dr. Hemapriya's Ecom Catalyst calls are full of in-depth knowledge, where she shares her success formula to all of us in various topics. I am really grateful ☺️ to Dr. Hemapriya for making me from a home maker into an entrepreneur (which I didn't even thought I am capable of) and I thank you so much ma'am for becoming a coach and inspiring lots of people."

Let’s fast forward 3 months from now…


Not to an alarm buzzing at 4 AM or panicked late-night emails and WhatsApp messages!

But to the warm glow of the sunrise filling your bedroom.

You check your phone out of habit and smile — 4 new orders already this morning!

Order notifications continue trickling in as you sip your morning coffee and read with your spouse.

1699 INR
1999 INR

You've already passed yesterday's revenue before 8 AM!

You laugh together … remembering the daily stresses that once weighed you down — The knots in your stomach whenever ads needed tweaking, or product costs rose.

Now, those cares have melted away.

Growth has become predictable. Almost automatic.

This afternoon, you'll take your kids to their football practice. And then go for your yoga classes … stress-free.

You meet up with friends regularly over the weekend.

No slogging away the evenings analyzing data or scrambling to appease angry customers.

In the summer holidays, your family and you are heading to Disneyland — fully paid for by this business you built!

This is only a tiny glimpse into the freedom, security, fulfillment, 

and peace of mind that will become your way of life in only a few months!

The seeds for this life-changing growth are
waiting inside
eCom Catalyst Club 

This future can be your reality starting today, my friend.

More sales. Less stress.

Get the complete eCom Scientist’s Playbook
for RS 399 / $6 before the timer runs out!


Best Part?

You Have TWO Exciting Options To Choose From!

Monthly PLAN

Weekly LIVE Catalyst Calls
Training Library
Access to the Facebook Community


Rs 399 / $6



(Rs 10000/$120 worth bonuses)

Weekly LIVE Catalyst Calls 
Training Library
Access to Facebook Community
Access to Hema's Locker which includes the following courses 
1.Uncovering Your Customer's Deepest Desires: The Art of Identifying Pain Points
2.Social Media Domination: Crack the Code to Algorithm Mastery
3.How to establish yourself as expert and do marketing ?
4.How to use Customer Care as a strategy in Marketing
Bonus 1 - Empower Journal (A journal to help you succeed by overcoming your self doubt) 
Bonus 2 - Internet Traffic Blueprint Course (Unlock Traffic Secrets & Boost Sales) 
Bonus 3 - Reel Fearless Course (Mastering Instagram Reels Made Easy) 
MEGA BONUS - 2 eCom Strategy Audit by
Dr Hemapriya


Rs 4777 / $72


These answers will Help

How do I know this will actually work for my business?

This is not some theoretical subscription – the principles shared have generated tens of millions in revenue across thousands of stores.

It contains the exact growth blueprint an expert would provide one-on-one for a high 5-figure consulting fee.

Except you get the strategies that took years and LAKHS to perfect, all condensed into Monthly Training LIVE sessions for a fraction of the price.

I've tried a lot of things before that didn't work. How is this Membership different?

Unlike other generic courses, this subscription program zeros in on the highest leverage yet most neglected aspects of a typical eCom business. The accelerated growth comes from tweaks in your business that cost you nothing extra to implement.

Is there a contract?

Absolutely not! No minimum term. You can cancel anytime

What if I can't make sessions live?

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to your members area for you to watch back.

What kind of support is included if I get stuck or have questions?

If you have questions, you can share them in the Facebook group, and my team and I will respond to them and help you move forward without any problems!

How much time per week does this require from me?

I’ve designed this susbcription to bring quick results. The video lessons are actionable and not longer than 10 minutes and some are coworking sessions.

Your action steps will take 30-45 minutes each, depending on what you’re tackling. So, no matter how busy things get, you can make serious progress without getting overwhelmed.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Due to the instant access nature of this course, there are no refunds.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm here to support you in getting the clarity and confidence you need to move forward.



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