Learn to double your sales without spending a penny on ads!

A step by step training for ecommerce owners making $5k-$20k per month, to double your sales in 5 days, without any paid ad spend

Discover the 5 key elements responsible for driving 70% of your sales (and no, ads are NOT one of them!).

Uncover the mistakes most eCom entrepreneurs (even established ones!) make and leave money on the table!

Know WHAT to do next so you can fix the revenue leaks in your eCom engine with precision and increase profitability.

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Trusted by Thousands of Successful eCommerce Entrepreneurs

"Dr Hema is a brand in herself.

She is a self-taught entrepreneur, and having the opportunity to learn from her is amazing.

Her idea to share the wisdom she has learned in so many years of hands-on experience is just wow"


Trisha Handwoven Sarees

"I attended a group session by Dr.Hemapriya and loved how she conveyed the content — crisp and to the point.

It was very useful. I then had a 1-1 session, which was really productive.

She helped boost my confidence, showed me how to increase my reach, and gave efficient solutions to set up a customer base. I have many tips, ideas, and learnings from her personal experiences, as well as suggestions that I'm eager to implement.-"

Dr Anuroopa Gupta

Learn with Aanshi

"Dr Hemapriya will inspire you in her genuine, no-nonsense, no-fluff manner. The course is devised in a structured, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-do way with practical results" 

Candida Carvalaho

The Little Loops

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(4.89) on Trustpilot 

In this 5-part training, you will learn …

The Secret to “Speedy” Website Conversions: Simply fixing this leak will help you increase your website sales by 30%!
The Little-Known Element for Driving Trust: Most eCommerce entrepreneurs overlook this crucial element, which reduces conversions and impacts brand credibility.
A Power Move To Remove Resistance and Increase Purchases: This sales-boosting element can make or break your eCommerce business. Best part? Fixing this will not take a ton of time or money!
The Ninja Hack that Can Boost Conversions by 76%: Adding this ONE element to your eCommerce website can instantly increase conversions. It’s a scientifically proven conversion concept that works like MAGIC!
The Power Page That Can Pump Up Sales … FAST!: If this page on your website is not optimized, you can be sure you’ll never turn those browsers into buyers!

PLUS … you’ll discover How to Keep Up the Momentum and Make More Sales Without Stress or Spending on Ads!

By the time you’re finished watching this FREE training, you will know …


How to use psychological conversion mechanisms to increase sales and reduce friction.


Precisely where you’re losing money on sales and what your next steps should be so you can 2x your sales effortlessly!


Exactly how to optimize your website so it functions like your best-performing salesperson

Sign up for this FREE training ONLY if …

You’re an eCommerce entrepreneur who has been selling online for a few years, but you aren’t seeing consistent growth.
Your eCom store social media accounts have thousands of fans but very FEW buyers.
You’re tired of spending money on Facebook ads and social media agencies and not seeing any return on your investment.
You don’t know HOW to increase sales without spending TONS of money on hiring more people or running more ads
You’re ready to show up and do the work as long as you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it!

Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(4.89) on Trustpilot

Meet Your eCom Growth Scientist 

Growing an eCommerce business isn’t complicated or challenging when approaching it like a scientist.

Luckily, you have an eCom growth scientist to guide you through this process of increasing sales and profitability!

Hi! I’m Dr. Hemapriya — owner of THREE thriving eCom businesses with over 14 crores (and counting!) in revenue.

I’m also an ADHD, multi-tasking Mom to two adorable kids and wife to one very passionate Pediatric Surgeon.

My eCom journey started in 2014 with the launch of the My Little Moppet brand.

Over the years, I’ve added two other businesses to my portfolio — Ancient Madurai and Soundarya.

I made many mistakes, was badly burned by poor decisions, and failed multiple times.

But like a true scientist … I approached my business like an experiment.

Sometimes, the results would turn out perfect. Other times? Not so much.

Point is… I have decades of experience behind me, and as an active eCom entrepreneur, I’m constantly testing and learning.

When you choose to learn from me, you’re learning from someone who isn’t guessing at business.

You’re learning from someone who is knee-deep in building her own eCom empire and can’t wait to help you do the same.

I’m not only a trusted product business coach. I am a product business owner, too.

Everything you learn from me is distilled into simple concepts so you can apply them quickly and easily.

Everything you learn from me is tested on real-world eCommerce businesses, so you don’t make expensive mistakes.

Everything you learn from me is backed by conversion science and proof which means you know you’ll see those sales go up!

"I got to know Dr. Hemapriya first as a customer of her brand - My Little Moppet, which is quite popular amongst new moms.

So, I already knew she was doing something right with her business, which was clicking so well. She has built a similar reputation with her other brands too. This itself speaks for why one should enroll for her coaching.

Dr. Hemapriya's expertise is strongly reflected in her coaching, as she shares her tried and tested methods and gives very actionable tips. And she does it all very generously and patiently.

Having Dr. Hemapriya as a mentor is a boon for any small business owner, especially female entrepreneurs, because she gives you just the right nudge to take that leap"

Saujanya Veera


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Rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐(4.89) on Trustpilot

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