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proven process to increase sales

The eCom Growth Lab

The Entire Step-by-Step Conversion Science-Based System 

to Profitably and Sustainably Scale eCom Businesses Without 

Spending on Ads, Hiring Expensive Agencies, or Wasting Tons of Time

Imagine … waking up to a world where your eCom store 

isn't a mere side hustle but a sparkling success story!

You no longer have constant anxiety or that pit in your stomach when you think about your business.
Your business finally gives you what you always wanted — financial freedom and peace of mind.
Your confidence is through the roof as you power up your laptop and see the flood of sales that came in while you slept!
You know your team has everything handled.

You're the architect of an eCom empire … where every click echoes the cha-ching
of sales.

Your website is a powerful sales magnet, turning even the most casual browser into a keep-adding-to-cart buyer.
Your emails turn one-off buyers into repeat buyers, so you no longer have to worry about retention and customer acquisition.
Your social media is on FIRE! Customers are constantly tagging you with rave reviews, the comments are filled with praise from happy buyers, and your competition’s been wondering what your secret is.

Feels great, doesn’t it?

That’s not all.

Picture this …

You're making ALL this growth happen without breaking the bank on ads. Or hiring an expensive marketing agency!
You, my friend, are no longer playing the game … you're changing it.
You're not simply reaching customers … you're resonating with them.
Your products are not just items … they're “stories” that connect, captivate, and convert.

And as for marketing?

It’s no longer a confusing, overwhelming maze but a clear path — obstacle-free and packed with profitability!

At the same time …

Growing your eCom business is not just about profits for you.

It's about passion meeting persistence.

It's about your children seeing the superhero who built a legacy from a laptop.

It's about the community you build, the lives you touch, and the joy of knowing that
every step you take is a step toward independence and impact.

Which Is Why … The Reality Hurts!

The reality, friend, is that you’re reading this page because your eCom store isn’t creating the financial freedom and peace of mind you wanted.

It feels more like a puzzle with missing pieces.

You've poured your soul into this venture … but the returns?

They're more a trickle than a flood.

The unforgiving algorithms are ever-changing.

Your website and social media aren’t doing their jobs.

Every attempt at running ads feels like feeding an always-hungry monster!

Added to that … you’re juggling the roles of entrepreneur, marketer, and visionary.

Your stress levels are through the roof, frustration feeds your anxiety, and every night, when your head hits the pillow, you find yourself worrying …

How do I convert website visits to sales?

How do I reach more customers without spending on ads?

How do I make my business thrive without sacrificing every waking hour?

Because here’s the thing …

It's not just about the money.

It's about the dream — the dream of financial freedom, of a thriving business, of being a role model to your children.

But right now, that dream feels distant, blurred by the fog of confusion and the weight of unmet expectations.

You're not alone.

This is a journey many eCom entrepreneurs face—a journey from uncertainty to clarity, from struggle to success.

How do we know this?

Because we’ve worked with THOUSANDS of eCom entrepreneurs and, more importantly, experienced this journey first-hand!

Meet Dr. Hemapriya, your go-to eCommerce Growth Scientist

Today, I run THREE eCom businesses, generating over 14 crores in revenue. 🎉

I have THOUSANDS of customers across the country.

And I lead a team of 50 across my 3 businesses. 💪

But it wasn’t like that always.

I started my first eCom business in 2015 — My Little Moppet.

It has since grown to be a multi-crore brand, but not without its fair share of mistakes.

I was burned badly by agencies who promised the moon but gave me nightmares.

I was cheated by contractors who didn’t deliver on their promises.

I was stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious all the time.

My family barely recognized me, and my social life was, well, let’s be honest… there was no social life!

❌ You don’t have to go through the trials of fire I did.

❌ You don’t have to spend years trying to crack the code of organic conversion marketing for eCommerce businesses.

❌ You don’t have to waste thousands (or lakhs!) of rupees on agencies and hacks that only burn big holes in your budget and have zero ROI!

It’s time for you to step into my “lab” and unlock the secrets to be a profitable, thriving, successful eCom business! 🤩

I attended a group session by Dr.Hemapriya and loved the way she conveyed the content - crisp and to the point, it was very useful. I then had a 1-1 session and it was really productive.

She helped me boost my confidence in my work, how to increase my reach and gave very practical solutions to set up a customer base. Lots of tips, ideas,learnings from her personal experiences, and suggestions that I'm eager to implement. Thank you, ma'am!  

Karthika Balasubramnium

I got to know Dr. Hemapriya, first as a Customer of her brand — My Little Moppet, which is quite popular amongst New Moms.

So, I already knew that she was doing something right with her business, which was clicking so well. In fact, she has built a similar reputation with her other brands too. This itself speaks for why one should enroll for her coaching.

Dr. Hemapriya's expertise is strongly reflected in her coaching, as she shares her tried and tested methods and gives very actionable tips. And she does it all very generously and patiently.

Having Dr. Hemapriya as a mentor is a boon for any Small Business owner, especially female entrepreneurs because she gives you just the right nudge to take that leap!

Saujanya Veera

The good old days 

Dr.Hemapriya is such a motivating person.

In the 10-day challenge, I experienced a lot of thinking in different ways and building a strong business with a good product.

She helps to analyze passion and gives confidence to start a business with her experience.

Sundha Monisha

Lisha's Little Doodle Creative clothing


eCom Growth Lab

Where Ready-to-Scale eCommerce Entrepreneurs Build Profitable Sales Engines … Organically

Mindset for Market Mastery: Unlocking Profitable Perspectives

By the end of this module, you’ll have trained your brain for eCom success, transforming from a fixed mindset to a revenue-boosting growth mentality.

Learn the secret sauce of entrepreneurial mindset — blending optimism with realism.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to confidence, resilience, and a go-getter attitude that sees opportunities where others see challenges.

Watch as your newfound mindset turns obstacles into stepping stones on your path to eCom dominance.

Website Wins: Building a Revenue-Generating Online Store

By the end, you’ll have a digital storefront that not only attracts visitors but also woos them into becoming loyal, purchasing fans.

Our in-depth training will transform your website into a high-converting sales machine.

You’ll discover the secrets to skyrocketing opt-ins, decreasing bounce rates, and increasing conversion faster than you can say, “Cha-Ching!”

Dive into the art of crafting a website that doesn’t just look pretty, but also flirts with your customers' wallets.

Email Profit Engines: Generating Revenue with Every Send

By the end of this module, your email sequences will propel your sales.

Lackluster open rates will be a thing of the past, and you’ll know how to turn each email into a revenue-generating rocket, boosting profits to the moon!

You’ll know how to set up and send sequences that your customers will want to open and buy from — turn one-off sales into repeat buyers and repeat buyers into brand evangelists.

Omnichannel Revenue Accelerator: Profit Maximization Strategies for Multi-Platform Sales

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to implement integrated marketing strategies across platforms to increase reach and revenue.

You’ll know how to create a seamless shopping experience that keeps the cash register ringing, whether your customers are scrolling through Instagram or skimming through their emails.

Most importantly, you’ll FINALLY have an integrated multi-channel marketing blueprint engineered for accelerating customer growth.

Cash Flow Catalyst: Strategies for Explosive Yet Sustainable Scale

By the end of this module, you’ll have mastered inventory and cash flow management to ensure continuous business growth and profitability.

Cashflow and inventory management can confuse and overwhelm even seasoned entrepreneurs. But not you!

You’ll know how to make smart decisions that keep your business financially healthy and your customers happy!

Conversion Chemistry: Amplify Lifetime Sales with Upsells and Cross-Sells

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to increase customer lifetime value confidently and without pushy or sleazy tactics!

Conversion science meets proven sales strategies in this module as you learn how to strategically use upsells, cross-sells and order bumps to load up those carts AND delight your customers.

You’ll know exactly how to leverage this eCom secret so you can scale sustainably without increasing those stress levels!

Best Part?

You Have TWO Exciting Options To Choose From!


6 Video Modules with Step-by-Step Lessons
Workbooks and Cheatsheets with Every Module for Easy Implementation
Monthly Group Call for Q&A
3-Month Access to the eCom Growth Lab Community





(INCLUDES 3X 1:1 Calls with Hemapriya)

6 Video Modules with Step-by-Step Lessons
Workbooks and Cheatsheets with Every Module for Easy Implementation
Monthly Group Call for Q&A
3-Month Access to the eCom Growth Lab Community
Bonus 1 - Empower Journal 
Bonus 2 - Internet Traffic Blueprint Course 
Bonus 3 - Reel Fearless Course 
MEGA BONUS: 3x 1:1 Calls with Dr. Hemapriya



What eCom Entrepreneurs Have to Say About eCom Growth Scientist, Dr. Hemapriya’s Magic

I was a software engineer, but I resigned to take care of my young children.

I felt lost after leaving my satisfying career behind. While reading a blog, I came across an ad for an ecommerce training program. I was intrigued but had to decline joining because my child was too young.

Dr. Hemapriya warmly invited me to enroll later when I was ready. This personal assurance stuck with me during a difficult transition in life.

With no business ideas, I skeptically invested my limited funds into the intensive 1-week challenge.

Every day focused on envisioning intentions, goals, and potential products based on passion areas — it was astonishingly effective self-discovery.

On the final day of the challenge, listening to Dr. Hemapriya, the lightbulb went on, and I knew natural baby products would perfectly match my interests and solve real problems I had experienced as a mother.

I went on to invest in the eCom Growth Lab program to build my online store.

Despite no design experience, I launched my online store in only 4 days by patiently applying the step-by-step training.

Now I’m consistently growing my business daily, and leaning on Dr. Hema through struggles keeps me determined.

Within 5 years, I plan to manufacture eco-friendly sanitary pads and baby diapers to provide affordably and ethically to the masses.

Through trust, action, and guidance, I transformed from a corporate dropout to a social impact entrepreneur.

My story proves that with the right support and mindset shift, it’s truly possible to craft businesses around our natural passions  


Mama Natural Care

This is a really innovative program initiated by Dr. Hemapriya.

She is giving us lots of knowledge and support in launching our business. Her way of handholding us throughout the journey is awesome.

Kaviya Yamuna


Registering for your group training is the best decision I have taken.

Your way of explaining things, sharing tips & tricks, repeating the contents even if we ask for the third time (that too with the same smile and patience till the end of the session), daily tasks & challenges, everything was 💯

Divya Jawahar

Parenting App

This course is very helpful if you are looking for some direction in the pool/ocean of knowledge of how to do what you really want to do!

Dr. Hema gives you very realistic suggestions and directions to foresee & help you in your path.

Though I'm at the start of the process, she poured in a lot of support, the initial moral support you need to build confidence in yourself

Suma Chanduri

Parental Transformation

I started my handloom saree business in 2018 but had to take a break for the birth of my second child. As a busy mom without a business background, I lacked the direction and confidence to establish it as a real brand.

While researching children's nutrition information, I stumbled upon an ecommerce coaching program.

Despite no social media presence or marketing skills, Dr. Hemapriya’s personal guidance convinced me to invest my limited funds into the intensive 90-day training.

The step-by-step structure broke down the imposing goal of launching an online business into manageable pieces that stuck with me amidst the daily chaos of parenting.

Every week, Dr. Hema devoted time to understanding my specific obstacles and providing customized solutions.

I leveraged the brand strategy blueprint to clarify my unique selling proposition - promoting authenticity and origins of regional weaving traditions often diluted in the market.

Soon after, a corporate brand unexpectedly invited me to showcase my collection at a major event.

By implementing the brand identity principles learned, my humble home business appeared polished, earning respect and validation.

I launched my rebranded ecommerce site in just 3 months, gaining over 1500 views on opening day.

My 9-year-old now enthusiastically absorbs the marketing videos with me.

Though still earning customers’ trust, this solid foundation built with my mentor equips me to powerfully share my passion for Indian textile heritage.


Trisha Handwoven Sarees

Your Enrollment Comes with a No-Fear, Moneyback Guarantee!

We know investing in a program can feel scary. We don’t want you to feel any fear around enrollment!

This is why your enrollment in eCom Growth Lab comes with a 15-day guarantee.

This will give you enough time to go through our first module and see whether or not you find it helpful and useful.

However, for you to find it helpful, you do need to do the work, so we’ll need see the work you have done to issue a refund.

Should you decide it’s not for you, simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll refund your payment.

Just Like Science Isn’t For Everyone, eCom Growth Lab Is Not For Everyone!

But it is perfect for you if…

You’ve been running your eCom business for 1-3 years and now want to grow but don’t know HOW or even WHERE to start
You're a growth-stage eCom entrepreneur looking to scale and maximize your profit potential
You're passionate about your products but struggle to connect with your target market effectively
You’ve succeeded at sales but know you’re missing pieces of the puzzle for increased profitability
You’re looking for actionable insights, not mere theories, to apply directly to your business for lasting results
You’re not afraid to do the work as long as it brings results
You’re looking for sustainable strategies for organic growth, preferring cost-effective methods over expensive advertising campaigns
You’re looking for sustainable strategies for organic growth, preferring cost-effective methods over expensive advertising campaigns
You’re keen to stop feeling lost and overwhelmed and want to be part of a supportive community where you can learn from and network with like-minded entrepreneurs
You’re a huge believer in integrating life with business and you want efficient strategies to grow your business without compromising family time

Nod “yes” to any of these?

You’ll be perfect for eCom Growth Lab!

Dr Hemapriya will inspire you in her genuine, no-nonsense, no-fluff manner. The course is devised in a structured easy to understand and do manner with practical results.


Dr Hema Priya is genuine and authentic in sharing her personal experience and takes time to answer your queries regarding digital marketing.

She gave us very practical, useful, tried and tested tips and tools to grow our businesses

Miriam Arulanandam

An awesome businesswoman with a golden heart to help so many of us just starting out. Extremely talented, full of experiential wisdom and so down to earth to share all of it with us.

I was struggling to get clarity on which products to focus on being a multi-passionate self.

In 45 mins of 1:1 clarity call, got to know my own star product, some ideas for creating content around it, how much to have in inventory, and how to add value and get more sales.

Besides also understood how branding is done, how hashtags can be used, how to optimize Instagram profile and account and so much more. Can just say, this 1 hour has been the most productive hour I have spent so far with a focus on my business.

Kirti Mulay

Questions Entrepreneurs Ask Before Hitting the “Enroll Now” Button and Joining Us Inside eCom Growth Lab

Is this for me if I don’t have an eCom business, but I’m thinking of starting one?

No. This is for eCom entrepreneurs who are at the growth stage or who’ve been in business for 1-3 years.

You need the foundation of the business setup in place — website, social media, and products.

If you’re thinking about starting a business, you may sign up for a 1:1 coaching call with Dr. Hemapriya.

I’ve been disappointed by courses in the past. How will this be different?

So sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the rapid rise of the digital economy has spawned fakes and scam artists chasing quick bucks.

That is why you’ve heard directly from Dr. Hemapriya, read her story, and also heard from the eCom business owners she’s mentored.

This course focuses on organic sales strategies for eCom businesses for a reason — we don’t want you to waste money on what doesn’t work.

We don’t want you to be disappointed. It’s time to be delighted by the efforts you put in.

Can I really run an eCommerce business with young kids at home?

We feel you! Dr. Hemapriya is a mom to two, and when she started her business, both her kids were very young.

She’s experienced the mental and physical workload of juggling business with life.

This is why, in the very first module, she’ll share the mindset and time management strategies designed to help you develop the resilience and planning skills needed to build a business that’s life-first.

Do I need advanced tech skills or coding to implement your strategies?

Dr. Hemapriya is the queen of simplification. She’ll break down the most complex concepts into simple, step-by-step instructions anyone can follow! Remember, she is a self-taught eCom entrepreneur herself.

That is why in this course you won’t find any fancy tech jargon or overly complex concepts.

We use real brand examples relevant to eCom entrepreneurs so you easily grasp how to apply the tactics to YOUR business.

Plus, you have access to a community to get support as and when needed. If you choose the Profit Maximizer Option, you also have 1:1 calls with Dr. Hemapriya.

Will I need to hire a team to implement and see success in this program?

Initially, it's not necessary to assemble a team for the implementation and success of this program, as Dr. Hemapriya will guide you through the process. As sales increase, tasks can be efficiently delegated to teams. Dr. Hemapriya has a set of proven, budget-friendly recommendations in her Little Black Book, which she will share with you as a completion bonus for your course.

How much time do I need to commit each week for this to work?

To ensure the success of this course, it is recommended to dedicate a minimum of four deep focus hours each week. This time commitment will allow for a thorough and concentrated effort, ensuring that the program yields optimal results.

I still have questions. How can I reach you?

Sure thing! You can email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram. You can also use the Chat Box on this page to ask your questions right now!

Still on the Fence?

Here’s a Personal Message Straight From the Lab!

Hey there, fellow eCom entrepreneur! 👋

Lifting my head up from my lab notes to ask you to run a quick experiment for me —

Picture this: it’s 3 months since you joined eCom Growth Lab.

👏Your store is thriving with increased traffic
✉️Your emails turn readers into eager buyers, and
💸Your sales strategies drive conversion and sales.

You're no longer running a business.

You're leading a thriving eCom empire built on the foundations of knowledge and strategy we've shared. 🎉

You’ve learned how to manage growth and scale without burning out.

You’ve discovered the secrets to organic marketing, so your profitability is on the rise!

How GREAT does that feel?!

This is not a dream, my friend.

This is reality. 🙌

And it starts with a single step. Or rather, a single click.

I hope to see you inside the Lab because you don’t need to do this alone, and you most definitely don’t need to do this feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

See you on the inside!


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