Sell more products every day.
Attract a flood of ideal customers.
Build more freedom into your life!

Without using expensive ads. 

Or sleazy marketing hacks. 

Or by working 24/7.

Say goodbye to stagnant growth, irregular revenue spikes, and long unpaid hours chained to your laptop!

I've walked in your shoes as a direct-to-consumer entrepreneur who runs THREE eCom businesses today and has made over 14 crores in revenue.

Now, I guide ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs like you to smooth, sustainable scale on your terms — without sacrificing family or freedom — using my signature eCom Growth strategies so you can avoid confusing, cash-burning marketing tips clutter!

It’s time for you to get scientific about sales and ditch outdated eCommerce tactics taught by outdated gurus!

"Dr. Hema is one of the rare multipreneurs who is not only running successful businesses but also motivating others"

Dr Anuroopa Gupta

Meet Dr. Hemapriya — The Not-So-Mad Head Scientist At eCom Growth Lab

Hi there! I’m Dr. Hemapriya. A doctor-turned-eCommerce entrepreneur who now helps ambitious, growth-ready eCommerce entrepreneurs build freedom-filled, profitable businesses.

Unlike other coaches, I’m an in-the-warehouse entrepreneur currently running THREE successful eCommerce businesses in different niches — Kids food, home decor, and natural skincare.

I’ve been featured in TOI, The Hindustan Times, Better India,The Guardian and many more.

I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs and built a multi-crore eCom empire.

But the accomplishment I’m proudest of is being Mom to my two adorable kids and wife to my husband, a pediatric surgeon.

I’m neurodivergent aka ADHD (and that’s probably why I have more hobbies than I have hair!), mildly addicted to coffee, and am an Olympic-level online shopper of women-owned brands!

Time to Get
Science-y With Sales

Propel Those eCom Business Profits With These Proven Solutions

The eCom Scientist’s Playbook for More Profitability

A 5-step
mini-course to fast-track ecommerce business success for growth-ready entrepreneurs who want to scale without spending on ads

 The eCom Growth Lab for Ambitious eCommerce Businesses

My signature program!
A step-by-step pathway to eCom success using conversion science and marketing experiments to create an explosion of growth and sales … ORGANICALLY!

1:1 Coaching for eCom Entrepreneurs Looking to Scale

A by-application-only, 90-day, 1:1 coaching engagement for seasoned eCom entrepreneurs who want to scale with strategic mentoring and advanced growth strategies.

Karthika Balasubramnium

Craft, USA

"I attended a group session by Dr.Hemapriya and loved the way she conveyed the content - crisp and to the point, it was very useful. I then had a 1-1 session and it was really productive.

She helped me boost my confidence in my work, how to increase my reach and gave very practical solutions to set up a customer base. Lots of tips, ideas,learnings from her personal experiences, and suggestions that I'm eager to implement. Thank you, ma'am!

Saujanya Veera

The good old days

"TI got to know Dr. Hemapriya, first as a Customer of her brand — My Little Moppet, which is quite popular amongst New Moms.

So, I already knew that she was doing something right with her business, which was clicking so well. In fact, she has built a similar reputation with her other brands too. This itself speaks for why one should enroll for her coaching.

Dr. Hemapriya's expertise is strongly reflected in her coaching, as she shares her tried and tested methods and gives very actionable tips. And she does it all very generously and patiently.

Having Dr. Hemapriya as a mentor is a boon for any Small Business owner, especially female entrepreneurs because she gives you just the right nudge to take that leap!."

Kirti Mulay

T2T by Kirti

An awesome businesswoman with a golden heart to help so many of us just starting out. Extremely talented, full of experiential wisdom and so down to earth to share all of it with us.

I was struggling to get clarity on which products to focus on being a multi-passionate self.

In 45 mins of 1:1 clarity call, got to know my own star product, some ideas for creating content around it, how much to have in inventory, and how to add value and get more sales.

Besides, I also understood how branding is done, how hashtags can be used, how to optimize Instagram profiles and accounts, and so much more. Can just say this 1 hour has been the most productive hour I have spent so far with a focus on my business

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