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  1. Thenmozhi Gopal

    Awesome explanation of each and every content

  2. Very clearly explained all points keeping in mind a beginner in this field…content is so engaging that I completed the whole thing in the same day…
    The break up has just made it more compelling and interesting

  3. Jeyalakshmi Ramachandran

    Mam do we get hard copy of the content.. very nicely brought out

    1. Dr Hemapriya

      Hi Jeyalakshmi, Sorry We do not have any hard copy available

  4. Candida Carvalho

    Completed 😊 it was such a engaging course . I couldn’t stop as I wanted to go to the next set.
    Really nicely done and easy to understand the course ma’am .
    Proud to be under your guidance.
    Thank you so much

  5. Priyanka S

    What an awesome session was. I just completed it in one go

  6. Mahalakshmi prasad

    i am not able to download the certificate

  7. Kaviyayamuna

    I loved this course and it gave me lots of in depth knowledge regarding e-commerce entrepreneurship. Thanks a lot Dr. Hemapriya ma’am

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