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Ecom Ignite – Day 16

Ecom Ignite – Day 16

1️⃣5️⃣ Day 16 of the Ecom Ignite Challenge – FROM SCRATCH TO LAUNCH – BUILDING AN ECOMMERCE EMPIRE LIVE!

Today, we’re finalizing our unique selling proposition (USP). We’ve done some research to save you time. We’re on day 16, refining the USP for eco-friendly cloth tissue alternatives. The shocking truth: 7.21 kg of paper tissues per person annually equals 100 trees. We’re aiming to be the soft, sustainable, and traditional solution that saves those trees.

Let’s ditch disposable tissues for good and make a difference. Subscribe for updates, and stay tuned for our top product picks and sourcing journey. Thanks for joining, and comment for a chance to win!

What is the Ecom Ignite Challenge all about?

💪 It’s MY exciting journey to LAUNCH a profitable e-commerce business from scratch in just 90 days!

🛒 I want to Demonstrate that it’s possible to build and launch a successful e-commerce venture within 90 days.

⏰ I’m dedicating One Hour every Day to building this business, starting from brainstorming the business idea to crafting effective marketing strategies.

💰Throughout the challenge, I’m strictly adhering to a Budget of just Rs 20,000, demonstrating resourcefulness and innovation.

🤝 Join me as I share my journey through daily Vlogs on YouTube, offering you an unfiltered view of every stage of this venture.

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