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Ecom Ignite – Day 19

Ecom Ignite – Day 19

1️⃣9️⃣ Day 19 of the Ecom Ignite Challenge – FROM SCRATCH TO LAUNCH – BUILDING AN ECOMMERCE EMPIRE LIVE!

On day 19, we’re focusing on sourcing, but I’ll make it interesting by brainstorming a brand name early. Sourcing alone can get boring. So far, two vendors reached out, one with table napkins and another with hankies. The table napkin vendor can customize but needs 25 pages per design, a bit pricey. I’ll need to see samples. I’ve also done some research on different weaves like Sambalpuri and Madurai cotton, but I need to check them in person.

For the brand name, I’ve explored various generators and got some ideas like “Hanky Heaven,” “Humble Hank,” and “Happy Hanky.” I’ll continue brainstorming and consult my kids for more ideas. Tomorrow, I’ll reach out to the Sambalpuri and muslin suppliers. Thanks for your patience!

What is the Ecom Ignite Challenge all about?

💪 It’s MY exciting journey to LAUNCH a profitable e-commerce business from scratch in just 90 days!

🛒 I want to Demonstrate that it’s possible to build and launch a successful e-commerce venture within 90 days.

⏰ I’m dedicating One Hour every Day to building this business, starting from brainstorming the business idea to crafting effective marketing strategies.

💰Throughout the challenge, I’m strictly adhering to a Budget of just Rs 20,000, demonstrating resourcefulness and innovation.

🤝 Join me as I share my journey through daily Vlogs on YouTube, offering you an unfiltered view of every stage of this venture.

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