The Power of Storytelling in Marketing: How to Stand Out from the Competition

  • In a crowded marketplace, it’s challenging for businesses to stand out.
  • Storytelling can help create an emotional connection and differentiate from competitors.
  • This podcast will discuss the key elements of effective storytelling.
  • It will also cover how to use storytelling in marketing and real-world examples of successful businesses.
  • The podcast will provide actionable insights on using storytelling to boost brand and business growth.
  • It’s suitable for small business owners or marketing professionals.


Hi! I’m Dr. Hemapriya — owner of THREE thriving eCom businesses with over 14 crores (and counting!) in revenue.

I’m also an ADHD, multi-tasking Mom to two adorable kids and wife to one very passionate Pediatric Surgeon.

My eCom journey started in 2014 with the launch of the My Little Moppet brand.

Over the years, I’ve added two other businesses to my portfolio — Ancient Madurai and Soundaryah

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